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Give Grandly!


It's that time of the year! We are having the Give Grandly again this year and hope everyone participates! Give to those who Gave Grandly!


Veterans Serving Veterans

April News  2017

All donations, monies from fund raisers and Give Grandly are used to provide veterans with food, clothing and projects. That means that 95% of donations received goes directly to helping a fellow veteran. The other 5% goes for building maintenance. Everyone that works with SWNMTC is a volunteer, no one gets a paycheck.


The Southwest New Mexico Transitions Center, Inc. has purchased the VFW building in Deming, New Mexico for $100.00 with the 14 acres that go with it. We are putting up fencing, metal roof and making 3 offices in the building. We have someone there 24/7. A lot of remodeling is being done on the inside and out. We are looking for volunteers for the Grand Opening.  We have been doing food distributions since August of 2015.  At our March food distribution we distributed food to 97 families, from Grant, Luna and Hidalgo Counties.  Each family received approximately 50 pounds of food.


Congradulations SWNMTC!


Food distribution:

Distributions is the 1st Wednesday of every month.  This distribution is for veterans, widows of veterans and their dependent children.  The Veterans Service Officer, The Outreach Officer and the VA Service Representative will be there to answer questions and to help the Veterans and widows of Veterans to apply for benefits.



The VFW building in Deming has been purchased and is being remodeled. One of our plans for the future is to partner-ship with another organization to start a daycare program for senior veterans.  To provide a safe place with qualified staff and environment for younger family members to be able to run errands. 



Any one who wishes to help veterans or veterans that needs help, please contact us at:


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We hope to see you all on May 6th! Thank you from:
Southwest New Mexico Transition Center, Inc.